The Psychology of Normal/Abnormal

April 11, 2017 Work 0
A picture of a scarecrow holding a sign saying 'allotment'

Normal vs. Abnormal What is normal? What does it mean to be normal? Abnormal? Different? Aberrant? Or even more so: Disabled? The problem does not arise in being normal – the problem arises when one works to define abnormal. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, abnormal is “deviating from what is… usual, typically in a way that… Read more

So You Want to Be a Psychologist?

April 11, 2017 Work 0
Roses in the Snow

Congratulations! You’ve decided on the path of psychology for your life. You love discussions on psychopathology, you find the brain more intriguing that the stars that circle above, and you are filled with the desire to help people with all sorts of problems. But what after that? Of the many fields available to peruse at the… Read more

The Importance of Relaxation

April 4, 2017 Life 0

One thing that has been well-documented in journals is the problem in society with the overlap of technology into every aspect of our lives. That doesn’t mean we should downplay the role of technology has had in increasing our productivity and in providing countless hours of entertainment. However, that kind of constant buzzing can have… Read more

To New Beginnings

March 30, 2017 Work 0
A picture of a scarecrow holding a sign saying 'allotment'

What a week I cannot believe it, but despite being sick for a record number of days (for me, that is – normally I catch a small cold once a year) things are looking great! I fought off a virus three weeks ago, which had me laid over for five days, only to fall to an… Read more