I’m a little worried about making this page overly long and boring. Therefore I’ve added only a few clarifying sentences to some of the classes. If you have any specific questions about a class, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to explain.

Lexi Schmidt Before College

Expository Writing

Seminar in Reading & Writing

College Algebra

First Year

General Biology 1 & 2 with Lab

General Chemistry 1 & 2 with Lab

Intro to Biology

Exploring the other Europe: the Balkans – This class was all about the Balkans. We interpreted its literature, the many symbolic relations, and the class culminated in an essay composition.

Honors Practicum

Intro to Psychology with Lab

Philosophy of Religion

Second Year

Intro to Genetics

Philosophy and Postcolonialism

Reporting and Writing Principles

Intro to Visual Communication

Research and Statistical Methods with Lab

Abnormal Psychology

Knowledge, Culture, Power

Mass Media in a Global Society

Media Responsibility Over Time

Intro to Statistics for Psychology

Survey of Sociology

Third Year

British Fantasy Writing РThis was purely a class to take for fun while I was studying abroad in London. My all time favorite trilogy is Lord of the Rings, so it really was a no-brainer.

Pictures of Power

Myths and Monsters – This class focused on historiography. That refers to how a historian’s own viewpoints can affect how they write history. It also examined what constitutes history, with a focus on history from below and minority histories.

History of London

Animal Behavior

Social Psychology

Communications Law and Ethics

Webpage Design

Abnormal Psychopathology

Principles of Behavior

(Upcoming) Fourth Year

My baby brother

Sorry for the long list – here’s a precious picture of my darling baby brother.