Lexi Schmidt in Academia

My name is Lexi Schmidt, and I am a college student working towards my B.S. in Psychology at Drake University. I also go by Alexis Schmidt when the occasion demands it. 

I’ve been a full-time student at Drake University for three years now, and I feel comfortable saying that I have taken great pains to participate in classes that are not part of the normal psychology curriculum. Drake University emphasized the importance of expanding beyond your major, and I took that to heart. Visit here for more information with regard to my classes. Last semester I earned the opportunity to study abroad in London. More about this is covered in my World Experience Page

Work Experience and Skills

I first started working in 2011, beginning with the service sector as a nanny. I have further experience working in health services, including education for three years continuously. This background in all forms of customer service and organization has me more than prepared to continue work within psychology. Visit here for my resume. 

Along with my skills in psychology, I have extensive knowledge of writing, communication, and organizing team leadership. This has been cultivated within various careers, from customer service to writing and website design. While I do not yet have a B.S. in Psychology, I have extensive experience in working with children of all backgrounds, including intensive care and flexibility with special requirements. My plans are to continue my education with a Ph.D. or a PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Perhaps most relevant would be my experience with children. Professionally speaking, I’ve worked with children for about three years as a nanny for various families, and I am now starting a job with YESS (Youth Emergency Services & Shelter). YESS provides shelter and other services for disadvantaged and at-risk youth, with the goal of reuniting them with their family if it is possible.

Before College

Of course, classes and college are not all I have accomplished in my life. During high school, I was number three on our competitive girl’s golf team. I also participated in district soccer despite my smaller size and the difficulty of being the only girl playing with high school boys. I even led District FCCLA as Vice President of Public Relations and President of District FCCLA.

Perhaps my proudest moments occurred as a competitor in Speech for four years, with three different events simultaneously – Humorous Prose, Poetry, and a Competitive Duet. Within these events, I ended up collecting dozens of first and second place medals for my events. I even made my way up to the State Speech Competition. All of this was juggled, including maintaining my 4.0 GPA and taking classes through the community college. Piled on top of all that, I helped my mother by watching my younger brothers (approximately ages 13 & 6) and ensuring that they did their chores, ate dinner, and were in bed in time for school the next day.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me via this form. I will try to get back to you as soon as I am physically in a position to.

Inspirational Quote:

“I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh


Beautiful picture of a fountain in Kensington Gardens, right on the Serpentine.

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