Skills –

I am well-versed in writing, communication, and team leadership. I have experience in a wide range of careers, from customer service to writing and website design. While I do not yet have a B.S. in Psychology, I have extensive experience in working with children of all backgrounds, including intensive care and flexibility with special requirements.


Experience –

Cowles Library / Services & Technical Support

August 2014 – Current, Drake University

I work two jobs at Cowles Library. My primary job with TS has me running the mail room, working with various software programs, and processing new books. Services involve further public relations and customer service while keeping the front portion of the library operating as smoothly as possible.


DUiN / Writer

October 2014 – Current

I have been writing with DUiN since my first year at Drake. DUiN is a satirical magazine on campus, in which we concentrate on finding problem areas in the university and encouraging solutions. My articles tend to focus on finding the humor in everyday relationships and problems


YESS / Resident Advisor

April 2017 – Current


I have just started working with YESS, and I am incredibly excited to gain more experience with them. YESS is provides emergency services for youth, newborn through age 17. A range of programs is utilized for these children, including emergency shelter, crisis nursery care, crisis intervention and stabilization, mental health counseling and therapy, and care coordination. YESS is a nationally-accredited nonprofit organization that meets the physical, mental, and social health needs of children and creates an environment where families can thrive.

Hastings Public Library / Librarian Assistant

May 2014 – August 2014, Grant, NE

At this library, I was primarily responsible for summer reading programs with children of all levels. For the younger kids (ages 4-6) I organized the reading and learning programs designed to encourage reading while using incentives to keep them on the right track. Kids 7-9 had more advanced reading, with incentives given at a thinner reinforcement schedule to help the kids develop internal incentives to keep reading. This continued on for the age groups of 10-12, and then 13+.


Perkins County Health Services / Resident Server

March 2014 – August 2014, Grant, NE

This job required me to prepare a dining area for various levels of elderly residents. The most important attributes of that job were timeliness, cleanliness, and organization. I had to become knowledgeable in the basics of Health Care; including HIPPA, the different care required for patients with mental disorders, and every resident’s dietary restrictions. Another part of my responsibilities was in coordinating with the MedAid in delivering medications in a timely fashion.


Family / Nanny

March 2013 – August 2016, Grant, NE

As a nanny for this family, I was in charge of meals, cleaning, and care of the kids during the day while the family was away. When I first started watching the four kids, one was 10, one was 8, one was 5, and one was a newborn. During my time with them, we encountered every event in the book – the little boy was diagnosed with ADHD, one of the girls was found to be allergic to gluten, and plenty more. While working with these children, I learned how to effectively manage chaos. This experience cultivated patience, the importance of calm, and tips and techniques to use with children in various situations.



Walmart / Sales Associate

May 2016 – September 2016, Ogallala, NE

I primarily worked in customer service, sales, and product management. While remaining in the public eye, I was able to successfully maintain relations between both coworkers and customers with no conflict.


References –

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